Housing het Gemaalhuis, Hoofddorp

Where at this moment the entrance of Hoofddorp is dominated by office buildings, in the future this location will be transformed in a residential area. On a plot at the Kruisweg, on the east side of Hoofddorp, an office building has been demolished to make place for a new residential development: Het Gemaalhuis. This development is a cooperation with Timpaan (Rijsenhout) and RRog landschap en stedenbouw.

The design for 83 dwellings near the center of Hoofddorp ensures a transition between the village ribbon development along the Kruisweg and the large, urban scale that is wanted by the municipality of Hoofddorp. At the new development site, the original polder structure was situated perpendicular to the direction of the rest of the Haarlemmermeerpolder. Here we make a passage in the building block: a quiet residential area without cars and shared use of public space. The architecture is robust and stony. At the place where the offices of 40 years ago are demolished, the new homes to be built should last longer. Rich brick details refer to the steam pumping stations that stood at the beginning of the creation of Hoofddorp. 

In April we finished the preliminary design.

Architects Ronald Knappers, Thomas Gillet
Client(s) Timpaan